Harder to crack than a nun, infuriating, Level Up, simple game play, specialist skill set

Balance of the Shaolin

2014-07-23 19.08.47Some taps are simple. You walk right in, you say hello, you get to understand the inner workings and you have it sign, sealed and delivered with time spare to grab something to eat on the way home. Balance of the Shaolin is not one of these, but we love a challenge!

Just like a Shaolin monk, a zen like state must be achieved to play this game to prevent you turning into The Hulk through pure frustration. Years of training and practice will be needed to master the art of perfectly balancing on the rock (tapping on the left and right hand side the screen sways you a little to each side) whilst the wind, birds and piranhas try their best to knock you off. 30 seconds of pure concentration is all that is needed, but if you are anything like us, hours will go by before you even come close to reaching Shaolin monk status.

The game developers (Tapinator) promise new stages will be added (because a Shaolin monk never stops perfecting his craft) but we definitely have a lot more training to do. Shaolin masters, we are not. *sigh*

Would I tap that?
We struggled to keep our cool with this one, but the feeling of pure ecstasy when we finally cracked it was worth every minute (hours!) of the ground work. This tap will keep you interested for a long time.

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